Our Mission

To produce the absolute best products for a more productive and regenerative future in living.


After 30+ years of manufacturing and fabrication experience in both the U.S. and Mexico, the field of construction was selected to utilize lightweight and precision crafted components for completely integrated building solutions.  

Currently, many different companies make a myriad of inefficient, unrelated elements that must be painstakingly fashioned into a cohesive, watertight (hopefully) structure.  

Our approach is to design and build a system as a complete product including foundation, structural frames, coverings and even utilities.  A “whole organism” approach was envisioned; connectivity was designed into the components so that labor costs (quantity) as well as the sophistication (quality) of labor could be minimized.  

We also incorporated a Designed for Deconstruction (DFD) philosophy so that the components could be disassembled and reused (up-cycled) well into the future, preventing any waste at the time of construction as well as at the end of the structure’s lifecycle.  Reuse allows the system’s value to be retained and is far better than recycling.    

In summary our inventions and products are concerned with highly sophisticated and economical construction and next generation agricultural systems as well as the means to deliver these advancements via flexible, economical and scalable productive capacity.

The huge challenge here is that we are interested in designing, developing and producing products that have yet to be made.
— Raymond P. Daily, Founder/President

What We've Achieved

  • Founder/President, R. P. Daily Enterprises, Inc. a Manufacturing & Marketing company with proprietary and contract manufactured products. 
  • Invented, Designed and Manufactured automated Steel and Plastics production machinery and fixtures 
  • Custom Manufactured hazardous waste disposal carts, IV stands ,sharps containers, traffic control (lighting) products, steel modular buildings, steel containers, industrial hose storage reels and many other steel and plastics products. 
  • Started Company in garage, 1985. 
  • Moved to Carlsbad Industrial Park, 1987. 
  • Purchased 46,000 Sq. Ft. facility in Carlsbad, 1992. 
  • Moved most of manufacturing to Tijuana, Mexico Facility, 1993. 
  • Purchased 4.5 Acre lot with 24,000 Sq. Ft. building in Tijuana, Mexico, 1995. 
  • Purchased and removed 180,000 Sq. Ft. of steel buildings from General Dynamics, San Diego and moved to Tijuana, Mexico Facility. 
  • Purchased lot and built 32,500 Sq. Ft. Manufacturing Facility in Carlsbad, 1996-7. 
  • Designed, Developed and now Manufacturing Steel Structural Building Systems consisting of new Columns, Beams and Framing Components 2003-Present.